Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What? You really believed that you would outgrow this….that it would simply disappear and never interfere in your life again? Well, for some children that does happen. Some youngsters hit adolescence and their ADHD really quiets down. For a significant number, however, it does not. One learns “coping mechanisms” to deal with it, but the ADHD that dogged them when they were kids continues to cause disruptions in their adult lives: They cannot organize their lives no matter how hard they seem to try; they forget important tasks (you know – like registering the car on time……keeping a dentist appointment) and their tempers just get the best of them, causing them no amount of grief with partners, friends and on their jobs.
But let’s, just for a moment, focus on the benefits of having an attention deficit disorder. You folks can REALLY hyper-focus on something! When something captures your attention, you are onto it 100%. You can juggle several things at once. I’ve never met anyone with ADHD who was not also creative and pretty bright. You have enough energy to power a whole house!
If you are wondering how to manage this “disorder” in your adult life, start with the web site CHADD.com. This is an international organization that offers support to both adults with ADHD and to parents of children with ADHD (and their annual conference this year is in September, in Orlando). Their web site is large and filled with great information. Also, check out Edward Hallowell, M.D.’s website – lots of great information there, as well. Once you learn how to manage some of the things that are bothersome to you about this disorder, life can become so much easier.
I am thinking about trying to start a Deland chapter of CHADD. There isn’t a local chapter nearby. Would this be of interest to you? Let me know by e-mailing me at sfournier@cfmha.com. Your input would be most welcome!

Sandy Fournier, M.A., LMFT