Monday, July 26, 2010

Tips to make time with your children EXTRAORDINARY

Lets face it, parents are busy going to work and once at home, this time is spent nagging the children to get chores done, homework; prepare dinner, wash dishes, take baths and quickly to bed. We have an average of 4 hours a day available at home and we spend it this way.

Here are tips to make time with your children EXTRAORDINARY:

1) Turn cellphone, TV and computers off.
2) Take 30 minutes a day to look at your child in the eyes and actively listen to what they are saying without any distractions.
3) Eat dinner together at the dinner table as much as possible. Preferable, if the family is home, eat together.
4) Use the "Talking Stick" at dinner time where each family member holds the talking stick and speaks about the exciting and not-so-exciting parts of their day.

After all, our children are the most important persons in our lives. lets give them the attention that they deserve.

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  1. oooh... I like the talking stick idea... I am usually calming down the situation when one screams at the other for interupting their conversation!!