Saturday, August 28, 2010


The person who is frequently challenging herself will grow more expeditiously than the person who is not. That is why I believe understanding thyself is vital, but that it is just as important to use improvements in self awareness in a practical way. What are your unique sets of challenges?

Do you feed your irrational thoughts too often? Do you handle your anger inappropriately? Maybe you feel you may be a little selfish? By becoming aware of your obstacles of growth, and by using this awareness to change the way you handle things intra-personally and interpersonally you ARE growing. Insight alone is only half the battle. Look at the millions of individuals that have been helped by AA and NA. These are the individuals that practically applied the knowledge provided to them by the 12 steps. In contrast, look at the millions that could verbalize verbatim the 12 steps but have yet to remain sober for more than a few days. These individuals have the insight but struggle with practical application.

In conclusion, I believe self awareness is a key step towards personal growth but that practice and practical application of knowledge is also crucial. When you read something, apply it. When you learn something about yourself, pay attention to how it affects your behaviors and feelings, and do something about it. Don’t sit idly by and watch what life could bring you. Participate and reach for it. Have faith in yourself and the courage to practically apply what you learn.