Sunday, November 21, 2010

Live Everyday to the Fullest

How do you treat your life? What about the relationships in your life? The relationships and interactions that we have with ourselves and others plays a big role in our lives. How is your relationship with yourself - emotionally, mentally and physically? Do you exercise and eat right? Do you exercise your brain daily? Are you emotionally mature enough to express your feelings and communicate with yourself and others? Are you confident enough to challenge yourself? How are your relationships with your friends? Do you have "good" friends that you haven't spoken to recently, or told them how important they are to you? What about family? Any family rifts that one or both parties are too proud to be the one to apologize? Have you recently told your family members how much you appreciate what they do for you?

I ask these things because life is a fragile thing. According to the definition of regret is: to feel sorrow or remorse for an act, fault, disappointment, etc. In other words, feeling sorrow or remorse because we did or didn't do something. Life is too short to live with regret. Harness your inner strength and take on the things that you might look at with regret. Go back to school.....mend a broken or struggling relationship.....strengthen your relationship with yourself, get to know yourself.

To borrow a line from the movie "Scrooged," "it's not too late, it's never too late."

If in any way, we at Central Florida Mental Health Associates can assist you on your journey, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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