Monday, June 14, 2010

5 Ways To Be A Great Dad

Being a great dad doesn not have to be difficult. We have five things you can do today:

1)Look at your children and call out their best: give them praise and affirmation on what they did right in their choices and actions.

2)Love your children by touching them gently and speaking to them softly can make a child feel safe and secure.

3) Listen to what your children are saying and to what they are not saying. Listening will take just a few minutes but the impact will last a lifetime.

4)Leave a legacy by giving your child a memory. Make plans to do something simple but something that your children can always remembers (reading a story, play a game or fix breakfast/dinner).

5)Laugh with your children.

Posted by Jesica Aznar Rivette, MA. Therapist with Central Florida Mental Health Associates.

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