Monday, June 7, 2010

Understanding your Teenager

What's happening to my teenager?
Many teens spend less time with their families than they did when they were children. As they become more independent and learn to think for themselves, relationships with friends become very important. Sometimes it may feel like your teen doesn't need you anymore. But teens still needs theer parents' support, love and guidance.

What you might be seeing:Normal teens crave independence, question rules and authority, test limits, can be impulsive, make mature decisions at times and childish at others.

What you can do: Simple everyday activities can reinforce the connection between your teen and you. Make room in your schedule for special times when you can but also take advantage of routine activities to show that you care.

Tips to keep in mind:

-Have family meals
-Share "ordinary" times
-Get involved, be involved and stay involved.
-Be interested
-Set clear limits

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