Sunday, June 27, 2010

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy will involve one on one work with a therapist. Client and therapist will collaborate and develop a very unique relationship that will facilitate in-depth exploration of her relationships, feelings and values, behaviors, thoughts, and a better understanding of her problems. Once this has occurred, the therapist will assist the client in making choices, and in implementing the necessary changes in thoughts, affect, and behavior.

Individual therapy can also help the client when an important professional or personal decision needs to be made by helping her explore the situation more objectively and rationale, identifying what is in and out of her control, and by helping her conceptualize the decision in such a way that it is more manageable and requires much less emotional energy.

Individual therapy can also be utilized to augment psychopharmacological therapies. Under these circumstances, the therapist will provide the above mentioned services as well as monitoring your compliance with the medication, and contacting your physician to collect and/or disclose(*only with client’s written authorization) the necessary information to enhance the care.

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